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Thursday 26th August – 6pm

An Evening with Annie Garthwaite
Author of the recently published historical novel, CECILY

Cecily Neville, the protagonist in Annie Garthwaite’s debut novel, was born in the year of Agincourt, lived into the early years of the Tudors, created a dynasty, mothered two kings (Edward IV and Richard III) and led her family through civil war. For most of her life she was one of the most powerful women in England.

Reading from her novel, Annie will reveal Cecily in all her complex glory: a dynastic schemer and a political mover and shaker of the first rank; a strategist, politician and administrator par excellence. But also, a wife and mother, who loved fiercely, lost children in infancy and to war and, one fateful day in Ludlow, faced down an army alone.

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