About Time


by Taylor, Jodi | Science fiction
Published 12/10/2023 by Headline Publishing Group (Headline Book Publishing) in the United Kingdom as part of the The Time Police series
Paperback | 512 pages

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From the million-copy bestselling author of THE CHRONICLES OF ST MARY’S.

‘Jodi Taylor is quite simply the Queen of Time’ C. K. MCDONNELL—Twenty-four hours is a long Time in the Time Police.

When a fateful mission to apprehend a minor criminal selling dodgy historical artefacts goes very wrong, Commander Hay faces the longest day of her career.

An officer is attacked within TPHQ. A prisoner is murdered. And investigations are about to lead to the one place where no officer can legally tread.

Worst of all, trouble is brewing for Luke, Jane and Matthew as a shocking revelation threatens to tear Team Weird apart for good…. FOR FANS OF DOCTOR WHO, THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB AND JASPER FFORDE.

Readers love the Time Police: ‘This got five stars only because I couldn’t give it six!”I don’t think I’ve ever laughed out loud so much reading a book”I am always gutted when I finish a Jodi Taylor book as I know I will have to wait for the next one”Joyous, breakneck-speed adventures”Lots more in this series please”This book is BRILLIANT”Brilliantly conceived and flawlessly written’

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