Bullsh*t Comparisons : A field guide to thinking critically in a world of difference


by Brooks, Andrew | Social & political philosophy
Published 28/03/2024 by Footnote Press Ltd in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 256 pages

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Life is complicated, comparisons are easy. We consume enormous quantities of information every day from sources that are reliable, and those less trustworthy, including journalists, politicians, friends and social media. One of the most commons tools we use to communicate is comparison. Are we suffering a ‘hurricane’ of migrants? Do dogs look like their owners? Is Oxford better than Harvard? Metaphors, models and metrics are used to compare anything from schools, to wars, to iconic people. But how helpful are they? What truths do they hide and what bullsh*t do comparisons propagate?Looking across a fascinating range of situations both familiar and unfamiliar, serious and light-hearted, Bullsh*t Comparisons is a ground-breaking guide to the role of could-be-true but misleading comparisons. It is illuminated by examples spanning the globe from university league tables, to childhood rivalries, politicians’ tawdry analogies, the FIFA World Footballer of the year award and Chinese neo-colonialism in Africa. Ideal for anyone interested in critical thinking or who simply wants to be able to spot bullsh*t at twenty paces, this thought-provoking, intelligent and often amusing book will challenge you to think critically about the use of comparison.

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