Changing Wakefield


by Dawson, Paul L.

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Wakefield, the capital of the former West Riding of Yorkshire, has a long and distinguished past. It came to prominence as a centre for the cloth trade in the latter half of the 15th century, the trade in cloth becoming a major part of the town’s economy until recent years. By 1880, Wakefield as a town had expanded and gained many new institutions built on the wealth of the cloth trade, coal mining and heavy industry.

Changing Wakefield presents a glimpse into what the townscape of Wakefield was like at the close of the 19th century and compares it to the modern cityscape that has constantly changed and evolved since 1880. Important buildings in today’s cityscape are looked at in depth with concise histories of the buildings and the people that built or lived in these notable landmarks. This fascinating historical time capsule also presents rare images and histories of many of the lost architectural treasures of Wakefield.