Channel Fear


by Richardson, Lisa | Interest age: from c 14 years
Published 14/09/2023 by Chicken House Ltd in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 352 pages

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A heart-in-mouth YA horror-thriller, perfect for teen

fans of The Haunting of Hill House …

Iris is obsessed with star YouTube ghost hunting duo, Zach and

Lucas, who disappeared at an undisclosed location several months

ago. Iris – who heads up her own unsuccessful channel with

co-hosts Byron and his girlfriend Molly – has been searching

for the location ever since.

When they stumble across long-abandoned Thornhanger House, the

trio set aside their toxic love triangle to explore, and find Zach

and Lucas’s abandoned equipment inside … complete

with their last day of filming. As they watch the footage, a horrifying

truth emerges: whatever came for Zach and Lucas is coming

for them too …

A horror/thriller with a fresh angle by Lisa Richardson,

a mesmerizing new voice for YA readers

The Haunting of Hill House meets the The

Blair Witch Project with a social media spin and breathtaking


Spooky found footage, chilling ghost stories, serious

jump scares, a love triangle, and a girl so obsessed by fame she’ll

put herself and her friends in danger – this is unmissable

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