Cyril the Lonely Cloud


by Hopgood, Tim
Children’s, young adult & educational

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It is sad but true that no one is ever pleased to see Cyril the cloud. He’s always being blamed for ruining everyone’s fun: casting shadows over everywhere he goes, and making things look dull and miserable. So, one day, Cyril drifts far, far away in search of a friendly face: over farmland, towns, and an ocean .

. . Eventually he arrives in a new land whose ground is baking hot.

Here everyone welcomes the shade Cyril gives. This makes Cyril so happy that he cries big glorious tears of joy. And his tears soak the land and everything seems to smile.

And that is all Cyril ever wanted – to look down on the world and see a happy smile. A beautiful story that taps right into what Tim Hopgood’s books are all about: celebrating the natural world and promoting a positive outlook on life.