Dare to Fly – A Surgeon’s Story (Local Author)


Sat Mehta

Local Author

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I am a retired Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon. Originally from India, I arrived in 1966. I took to England and England adopted me.
” Dare To Fly ” is glimpses of my life here. The events are true, but names have been changed. I tell of some amazing patients I have known and treated, and my lively family, brought up in our house full of love life and laughter.
After fifty years in Britain, I have written this book to give insight into the life of a surgeon and a family man, settled in a country which embraced me and gave me the privilege to serve its people.
” Dare To Fly ” is a sequel to ” Flying With A Broken Wing “. A light hearted look at my upbringing in India. Once rich farmers, my family lost everything and became refugees in the 1947 partition of India.