Gracie Fairshaw and The Missing Reel


by Brownrigg, Susan | Historical fiction (Children’s / Teenage)
Published 07/03/2024 by UCLan Publishing in the United Kingdom as part of the Gracie Fairshaw series
Paperback | 272 pages

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Book 3 in the Gracie Fairshaw series.

Lights, camera, action! A new movie being filmed in Blackpool is a real scoop for trainee reporter Gracie Fairshaw. When she’s invited to interview the star, Sally Sunshine, Gracie uncovers a plot as exciting as the one being filmed. Someone has stolen a vital film reel – and then a vicious attack is attempted on Sally! In a world of body-doubles, stunts, costumes and makeup, not everything is what it seems. Gracie must go behind the scenes and work out which of the cast and crew can’t be trusted, before the thrilling final act . . .

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