Great British Adventure Map


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Britain is the ultimate adventure playground – it’s beautiful, perfectly proportioned and small enough that you can explore it properly without having to blag an enormous career break.

With so much variety – superb coastline, idyllic islands, luscious landscapes and incredible views – crammed into such a small area, Britain really is the perfect place to discover adventure.

The Great British Adventure Map features 2,500 of Britain’s great wild places, mountains, islands, beaches, waterways, viewpoints, eccentric events and long-distance routes, peppered with some randomly inspiring trivia and amusingly quirky touches.

Designed to bring the fun back to holiday planning, and prove that Britain is a brilliant place for adventures big and small, it will inspire you to get outside and enjoy some great home-grown adventures.

This map is joyously busy. Hopefully you will be too.

Printed full-colour, two-sided as a fold-out map and reference guide showing all of Britain’s best outdoorsy bits on a single sheet of paper. Folds out to 100 cm x 89 cm (but could expand your horizons considerably further).