Happy Cooking : Easy uplifting meals and comforting treats


by Brown, Candice

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‘Amazing recipes that spread joy.’ – Giovanna Fletcher ‘The perfect combination of delicious recipes and mindful food. A must-read and a must-eat!’ – Frankie Bridge’A magical reminder of how wonderful food can be.’ – Tom Kerridge Feel-good food for grey and busy days The kitchen has always been my happy place – it’s the only place I feel completely at ease. Cooking has got me through some proper tough times! It also helps me slow down, take a breath and take stock.

These recipes are all dishes that make me smile – they give me joy and I want to share that joy with you. From my go-to Chicken Nuggets and Brown Butter Macaroni Cheese to my Cinnamon Pastry Twists, you’ll find all my everyday favs here. I’ve included quick meals for those days when you just can’t think about what to cook, and my ‘therapy’ recipes that are good for distracting a worried mind – at least for a while.

Take care of yourself. Love,Candice x