How To Draw Cartoons


by David, Antram, | Comic book & cartoon art
Published 28/03/2024 by Bonnier Books Ltd in the United Kingdom as part of the How to Draw series
Paperback | 32 pages

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Anyone can create a masterpiece with just a pencil and paper!This easy to follow guide helps aspiring cartoonists learn how to draw a variety of amusing characters and animals, and combine them to make dramatic scenes. It includes focus on specialist areas such as faces and hands, and covers the fundamentals of figure drawing in a few simple instructions. All you need is a pen/pencil and paper to get start bringing your cartoons to life!The How to Draw series takes a highly visual and practical approach to drawing, featuring step-by-step instructions for each art project. From basic shapes to finished art, this book uses two different coloured lines throughout to highlight clearly each process and which steps to follow. The series covers a comprehensive range of core techniques – with sections on materials, composition and perspective.

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