I Love You, Leonard!


by James, Jessie | Valentine’s Day
Published 04/01/2024 by Dorling Kindersley Ltd (DK Children) in the United Kingdom as part of the Look! It’s Leonard! series
Paperback | 32 pages

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Meet Leonard, the caring little shrew, in this charming Valentine’s story. This heart-warming picture book introduces young children to unconditional love and has an underlying message about kindness and diversity. The Shrew family are having a day out. As the young shrews show off their different talents, Leonard wishes he could join in. However Mama and Papa remind him that he has other skills, and everybody is different. I Love You, Leonard! teaches an important message of being kind and is the ideal Valentine’s book for adults to share with their little ones.

This engaging children’s story book offers:- Simple and amusing text that is ideal for children to read aloud.

– Colourful, funny illustrations that bring the quirky characters to life.

– A strong message about being kind and putting others first.

Poor Leonard is worried when he makes mistakes, like accidentally dropping their picnic basket, but his family reassure him that they will love him no matter what he does or does not do! Follow Leonard the shrew as he questions what love is in this heartwarming picture book for young children.

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