Once You Go This Far


by Lepionka, Kristen
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After the death of her cop father, PI Roxane Weary did everything she could to lose herself in her work – but she’s getting tired of the hangovers, of fighting with her ex-girlfriend, and of avoiding her mother. When she’s asked to investigate a suspicious death, she delves into the case with her usual stubborn determination. Pulling her far from home, and into an insular and controlling evangelical community, the case might just be bigger than Roxane can handle alone.

But is it too late, or too dangerous, to call on the people she needs?’Roxane Weary [is] a wonderful character. Lepionka is such an assured writer, with complete narrative authority from the first line.’ Sophie HannahWhat readers are saying’Gripping!”Honestly, I can’t see myself ever tiring of this series or these characters.”If you like books about hard boiled private eyes who seem to attract trouble with a capital T then you will love these books.”Crisp writing, believable characters and some secret spice that Lepionka imbues her stories with.”I’m a sucker for a good murder mystery and this book did not disappoint.’