One Night Beneath the Lemon Trees


by Karras, Mary | Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
Published 14/03/2024 by John Murray Press (Two Roads) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 352 pages

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‘Relentlessly, gorgeously readable from start to finish . . . by the end you feel like you know these people as intimately as your closest friends’ CHARLIE CARROLL, author of The LipCyprus, 1954. One sultry summer night, a young woman abruptly ends a love affair. It’s an impulsive act of revenge but it’s one that will reverberate through the lives of everyone involved. Finsbury Park, London, 1988. Evgenia has just been given the news that nobody wants to hear. She’s dying, but there’s still time to put things right before she passes away. Her best friend, Emiliana, is burdened with a secret that she’s kept for far too long. It’s time to confess to her son but he is searching for closure of his own. Around the corner, Melina is lost. Her father has just died of a broken heart and it’s all because of her.

Beneath the lies, grief and family secrets, however, waits a truth that can mend the broken parts of all their lives. The truth of what really happened that fateful night beneath the lemon trees.

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