Out in the Cold : The thrillingly authentic Scottish crime debut


by Johnstone, Stuart
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INTUITION IS EVERYTHING IN THE POLICE FORCE, SOMETHING THAT SERGEANT DON COLYEAR KNOWS BETTER THAN MOST. When a superior officer’s decision not to respond to a routine disturbance has fatal consequences, Colyear finds himself sent away from Glasgow to work in a remote Highlands town. Despite not wanting to be there, a feeling shared by his commander, Colyear soon settles into life investigating petty crimes.

But it isn’t long before he discovers something sinister about the town. A series of teenage disappearances seem to have been ignored by the authorities, and when a groundsman from the local country estate is gruesomely murdered, Colyear suspects that long-held secrets could be coming to the surface. As the town’s dark secrets are revealed, Colyear must trust his instincts to stay alive.