Petunia Perry and the Curse of the Ugly Pigeon


by Butchart, Pamela, Correll, Gemma

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With brilliant incidental illustrations throughout by the world-renowned Gemma Correll, this hilarious novel about how to fit in when you don’t want to conform will be adored by fans of Louise Rennison and Holly Smale. Petunia Perry has decided to write her memoirs. She wants the world to know what it’s like to start secondary school with a best friend who stages one-person flash mobs in the canteen, a mother who over-shares at parents’ evenings and an unwelcome suitor who draws pictures of her as a unicorn.

But it’s when she decides to start a band with a spoon-player and a lead-singer who’s a cat that things take a turn for the truly crazy… A laugh-out-loud take from the bestselling author, Pamela Butchart, on the perils of standing out in secondary school. Petunia Perry dares to be different but it’s not always easy.

But it is always life-affirming and hilarious, and definitely the right thing to be…