The Chimpanzees’ Happy Tree


by Andreae, Giles, Parker-Rees, Guy
For National Curriculum Early Years

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This triumphant, upbeat story, shows how one small action can bring big, positive change. From the creators of the international bestseller and much-loved classic, Giraffes Can’t Dance. And as the tree began to blossom, Just like Chutney said, The Children both began to feel The happiness it spread.

Chutney the chimpanzee has a special tree – a happy tree! Can he plant it in Drabsville and bring hope and joy to a once dreary town? A colourful, rhyming story about happiness and positivity from the creative-duo behind Giraffes Can’t Dance. Giraffes Can’t Dance has been a much-loved family favourite for over 20 years, and has sold over 7 million copies worldwide. (Adapted from The Chimpanzees of Happy Town, first published in 2006.)