The Other You


by Monroe, J.S.
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He looks the same. He looks like a stranger. Super recognisers are born with the ability to remember a face forever, even from a single glance.

Kate was one of them. She worked for the police, using her gift to spot criminals and save lives. Then came the accident.

Deprived of her abilities after a devastating car crash, Kate found refuge in a new relationship. She met Rob in hospital, and he nursed her back to health in his beautiful house in Cornwall. But now something feels horribly wrong.

Rob looks the same, but Kate feels certain: the man she fell in love with has been replaced by an impostor. Is this the paranoia of a damaged mind? Or is it Kate’s old instinct, screaming one last warning?This intricate, original and emotionally charged psychological thriller is perfect for fans of J.P. Delaney and Louise Candlish.