Under The Golden Sun : ‘Jenny Ashcroft’s best yet’ Dinah Jeffries


by Ashcroft, Jenny

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What if all you needed to do to find home, was leave?Wanted: companion to escort a young, orphaned child home to Australia. All expenses as well as passage covered.

Interested parties to apply without delay to 32 Williams Street, Belgravia. Rose Hamilton is in desperate need of a fresh start. There are so many reasons she should ignore the advertisement: the war, those treacherous seas, her family, her fiance…

but she cannot help herself. Within weeks, she is boarding an enormous convoy, already too attached to five-year-old Walter Lucknow. But rural Queensland, and the cattle station home of Walter’s parents, is not as either of them were told to expect.

Rose cannot leave this little boy she’s grown to love until he is happy, and she knows the key to this is Walter’s wounded fighter pilot uncle Max. But how will she ever part with Walter? And what if he isn’t the only reason she wants to stay?