Whale in a Fishbowl


by Howell, Troy, Jones, Richard


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“I’m Piper,” said the girl. “And you’re lovely.” Wednesday’s reflection shone in Piper’s eyes. “But you don’t belong in there. “Wednesday is a whale, who lives in a fishbowl.

She is called Wednesday because she is right in the middle of everything. She lives in the middle of the busy streets, surrounded by tall skyscrapers. But, if she jumps high enough she can see a calm bit of blue in the distance.

She doesn’t know what this blue is, but her heart leaps when she sees it. When a little girl tells Wednesday she belongs in the sea, she doesn’t know what she means. What is the sea? Wednesday has never seen it…

or has she? Touching and uplifting, this beautiful story is about longing to be free and finding your place in the world.