Wildlife Crossings : Protecting Animal Pathways Around the World


by Barr, Catherine | Picture books
Published 07/03/2024 by Otter-Barry Books Ltd in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 40 pages

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Our planet is criss-crossed by a network of ancient pathways, reflecting the journeys of millions of animal species in search of food, water, safety and mates.

But human development is blocking these vital ‘ribbons of life’. Animal habitats are shrinking into isolated and unconnected patches of nature.

Track the journeys of seven amazing animals. Discover why they are in trouble, follow their journeys and find out how scientists and campaigners across the world are creating ‘wildlife corridors’ to keep animals safe and on the move.

Discover…Elephant crossings in India • Hedgehog highways in the UK • ‘Spoonie’ flyways in Asia • Fish ladders in Germany • Gibbon canopy bridges in the People’s Republic of China • Bear bridges in Canada • Cougar crossings in the USA

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